I'm a Sox fan, but...

I had the luck to make three Red Sox games over four days last week, including two Yankee games on the weekend. I saw the massive brawl and it was awesome. Baseball can be so damn boring sometimes. I read that the ball is in play for about 15 minutes during the course of the entire game, so distractions (music, videos, bench-clearing brawls) are welcome in my book.

One thing I can't stand, however, is the "not fair" whining of the people involved in this brawl. Alex Rodriguez says he's a "victim". He's a victim of his own doing. He should have taken the beanball like a man and just taken his base. On the other side, the Red Sox are aghast that A-Rod would say he's the victim. Jason Varitek was simply tryin to protect his pitcher. The fact is, Varitek hit A-Rod in the face first, and he should be punished for it. Players and coaches should be allowed to argue as long as it doesn't disrupt the game too much, but he who throws the first punch needs to be dealt with. Sorry, 'Tek.

Instead of bitching and moaning about unfair suspensions, why don't you bitch and moan about a season that is increasingly close to going down the toilet.


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