An observation

I'm not going to name names, situations, or places. This is just a comment.

In the realm of dating and relationships, there are is a certain, unspoken etiquette that both sexes follow. It's not like there is a handbook or classes for this sort of thing, it's just learned throughout the trials and tribulations of life and love. Little boys passing notes and throwing things at girls may work in elementary school, but it obviously wouldn't fly in post-college life.

What can be said about trying to show some interest can also be said about rebuffing or rejecting interest as well. Some people should realize that they're adults and take a second to look at the big picture, grow up, be respectful, and above all be honest and upfront.

Some may agree that honesty is the best policy, but the truth could hurt when it comes to love. Is the truth really what really hurts, or is it maybe the absence of respect the results in covering up honest feelings and thoughts?


Anonymous Anonymous complained...

You can't argue with history.

8/02/2004 7:51 PM
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