A New Year (of the Carl)

A new year, same old Carl for the most part. Things were good in '04 for the C-Train. The whole year can be summed up by the events of my 24th birthday outing last January -- I had a great time, saw all my friends, and didn't throw up at the end. What great foreshadowing!

I won't waste your time with any "Top 10 ___ of 2004" lists. I'll just say I'm glad the Pats won, the Sox won, I moved out of my house, and I met a lovely lass who's affinity for power tools and shopping at Home Depot makes me want to pinch myself. She's cute, to boot.

I refer you also to my links off of this blog:

1) There for a while, Girl with a Movie Camera has been an interesting saga and makes me believe that all it takes to make a movie is drive and focus.

2) A new addition, Steve's World Tour is the blogging of friend and former roomate Steve Clark has he sheds his Boston shackles and takes on the world.

Both are good reads and should keep you entertained.

So, will 2005 equal the success of 2004's Year of the Carl? I think so. Keep checking here to find out.


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