Democrats: Get over it. I am.

You know that MasterCard commercial that was on during the playoffs? The one where Sox fans say what they would give for a World Series win? No one answered "I'd like for everything else from Massachusetts lose", but that looks like the case. Since the Red Sox last won the World Series, the Patriots, Celtics and John Kerry have all lost. The Bruins decided not to even bother playing. Maybe they're the smartest.

It's unfortunate that the majority of the country don't give much weight to the Bush administration's mishandling of Iraq, pre-9/11 intelligence, and the economy, among other things, but he did win fair and square and it just goes to show where the majority sentiment is. If you feel that a four million vote difference does not give him a mandate, just look to the shift in power in both the Senate and House of Representatives, where the net gains for Republicans were +4 and +1 respectively. Maybe John Kerry wasn't the only Democrat who had a problem with his message.

Now here's a lesson Democrats should avoid taking out of the Red Sox Fans' Handbook: bitch and moan about every little thing until it becomes a mindset. It took the Red Sox 86 years to get the job done and I doubt Democrats want to wait that long to set things right in this country. Luckily, politics is different enough from Red Sox baseball that changes can be made more quickly.

Let's all follow John Kerry's extremely graceful concession of defeat and plan to unify (not only as a party, but with citizens across the country) to return America back to its glory before it simultaneously became the world's laughingstock and big bully. America was built on hardship and by those who made the most out of what they had, even if it wasn't a lot. Let's turn the focus away from the hate and disgust that has enveloped the country since the months following 9/11. Let's work with what we got. If you don't like it, then move to Canada.


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