Shoot the TV Shooters


Remember the line "shoot your TV"? I hate that line. I love TV and the people who say that line obviously are watching the wrong shows.

Today there's a news story about an electrical engineer who is selling a keychain-device that acts as a universal remote control, able to turn off any TV. This is useful for turning off televisions in public places that might be disturbing to the people around them -- they're also useful for turning your common electrical engineer into an asshole. He claims not to have watched TV since 1980.

I'm sure this device doesn't break any laws, but I'm sure it will eventually cause some noses to be broken when a joker with his key chain device gets a little too trigger happy. Yes, it would be nice to snuff out all cigarettes in bars, but rather than causing havoc, we clean breathers just move to another corner. Hey, here's an idea -- if the TV in a restaurant or bar or other public place is bothering you, DON'T GO NEAR IT.

Once again the PC enablers of this country make me want to stab my eyes.


Blogger Susanne complained...

Why do I feel like you're talking about Dad....

10/26/2004 11:53 PM
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