Ken Jennings Has a Blog

Former Jeopardy! stalwart Ken Jennings recently started a blog. No doubt, part of it has to do with him wanting to promote his first book that will be coming out in September. However, it's a really good read, with minimal book-plugging.

If you ever watched a KJ Jeopardy! episode, you would see him as a rather quiet, geeky, dorky player. Reading his words, however, will change your mind -- he's geeky, dorky, and articulate. And man, this guy has watched a lot of TV.

So far he's delved into the legal battle that erupted from the publishing of an "unofficial" Seinfeld trivia book, as well as devoted an entire entry to the subject of failed television shows that were based on movies titled: “I know John Lithgow. I worked with John Lithgow. And you, Bruce Davison, are no John Lithgow!”.

One great aspect of his writing is that he'll spew a ton of trivial facts, references, quotations, character names, etc., but not give any hints as the where in the pop-culture universe they come from -- either you're in on the joke, or you're out in the cold.

Check out the blog here. I'll soon be adding a section of links to interesting blogs/whatevers that are by people I don't know personally, but still enjoy.


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