Just Cause

I'm not one to politicize things, howeverI was reading the Phoenix today and saw something that I'm going to put on my radar, and I think you should too.

To sum up the article: The House of Representatives just recently passed legislation to allow telephone and internet companies to charge for different levels of meaningful access to the Internet. I'm not talking about RCN's stupid MACH10 or MACH7 or whatever the hell tiers of connection service they have; this is about actual content. Would you like it if your ISP slowed down service to Yahoo! because Google paid them a little extra to be put in the "faster loading" lane? How about having Craig's List blocked for "security reasons?" and not the fact that it might be because of competition reasons?

Do you want to have to pay for faster access to prefered websites? Why should Internet service providers be allowed to tell us what is worth our time?

This site is a little preachy, but it has the information. Look and decide for yourself. If you look at the list of coalition members, you will see it's a group from both sides of the aisle. This has nothing to do with Red vs. Blue -- it's all about common sense. Members of Congress have not been known for this, so please remind them.

This legislation moves to Senate shortly. Let's hope it dies there.


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