Shout Out

Long time, no blog, I know. At least I'm not Jamie. I was out of town for nine days since my last post, so I'll give myself a pass.

Vegas was awesome and I'm happy to have introduced my ladyfriend to it. We had a great time. Did you know that Tom Jones dances like a fiend? The Tom Jones phenomenon is deserving of its own blog entry.

In addition to seeing TJ, we visited nearly every hotel on the Strip (sorry Tropicana and Monte Carlo), drove a Hummer and a Corvette, saw the sunset from atop the Stratosphere, witnessed a wedding from atop the Stratosphere, saw a cheesy Sopranos-themed dinner show, bowled at a 24-hour bowling alley, ate an astronimically-priced dinner, sat by the pool every day and visited downtown Las Vegas (that's where The Golden Nugget and Binion's are). The capper is that I lost a lot of money the first two days and then made it all back, plus a little more in the last two days.

Get thee to Vegas!

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to send a shout out to Elliott, who is making the journey to LA from Boston -- here's hoping you make it big. If I'm ever out there, I'll be sure to find you camped outside Paramount studios, refusing to leave unless you can take Rick Berman with you.


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