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It was brought to my attention this week that in addition to the weather, Boston gets the shaft when it comes to sunlight. In Detroit, in late June, the sun does not set until 9:13 pm. During that same time of year in Boston, the sun sets at 8:20 pm.

We are located on the eastern side of the eastern time zone while Detroit is on the western side of the same time zone. So while the sun as already set in our part of the country, it's still in the sky in their part of the country -- but our clocks read the same. The only trade off? Detroit has darker mornings in the winter. Oh boo hoo.


Anonymous Matthew Miller complained...

I go on about this to anyone who will listen. Daylight Saving Time is great for Boston -- but we don't need it in the summer; we need it in the winter. It is Not Right for twilight to fall at 3:30pm in December. Not Right.

4/02/2006 10:41 PM
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