Time to Go

One punch and you're out

If you didn't hear, new Red Sox (and extremely well paid) setup man Julian Tavarez tried to punch out Tampa Bays' Joey Gathright because Gathright actually had the gaul to slide into him at home plate yesterday. Imagine Tavarez's suprise, after the collision, to find Gathright had somehow gotten his forearm under Tavarez's foot! Gathright attempted to push Tavarez out of the way so as to get him off his arm. A bench-clearing near-brawl ensues.

I just read Tavarez's rap sheet... he shouldn't even be on this team. The Sox have a poor history of bringing in malcontents that they think have overcome whatever personal problems they have (Carl Everett, Tavarez, Giambi). This is not Mr. Epstein's School of Manners. This is the biggest (or at least second biggest) stage in Major League Baseball.

There is certainly no guarantee the Sox will even make the playoffs this year, and we don't need bad seeds like Tavarez pulling Everett-like shit that will only raise the heat from fans and the media.


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