RIP Tony

We hardly knew ye.

Poor Tony Almeida, stabbed with a chemical syringe by Robocop.

You were my favorite character from 24, even more favorite than Jack. You were soul-patch Tony. On day one, you were total jerk, until the end, when you realized Jack was a good guy and that you shouldn't be angry at him for being a whistleblower. Plus, you got to boink his ex-girlfriend for a while. On day two, you solidified your "awesome" status by kicking ass hour after hour, and getting with lovely Michelle Dessler -- who knew that day two would be the most blissful day?

Day three was the beginning of the end. On day three, you were the boss of CTU -- and threw it all away to allow the suspect to escape so he could lead you to your kidnapped wife. You ended up in jail, kicked to the curb by the very woman you saved. On day four, you returned to CTU, only to be shunned by pretty much everybody there. In the end, though, a silver lining -- you ended up back with your wife and the two of you decided to look for jobs elsewhere and out of harm's way.

On day five, however, your wife got blown up. Upon confronting the man who was behind it, you felt something that you've alway kept with you: morality. Too bad that morality bit you in the ass. Robocop stabbed you with a chemical needle.

Rest in peace, sweet prince Tony Almeida.


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