Cleaning Out My Bad Purchases

I didn't even see The Age of Innocence

As I finish up ripping my music collection to my computer, I've come across a category that can only be described as bewildering -- bewildering to me as to WHY I purchased these particlar CDs. I am talking about, of course, soundtracks and compilations. Did I really need to purchase Hollywood '94 -- 10 score pieces from various movies that came out that year (remember Squanto?). And what reason did I have for purchasing the 1995 Grammy Nominees CD? I don't even like Bette Midler, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross or pretty much anyone else on the disc.

I wouldn't be caught dead listening to most of the people on this one.

And let's not forget actual soundtracks. I was happy to buy the soundtrack to Sister Act back in the mid nineties... but should I be proud now? What about the soundtrack to Mask? Was the only reason I really purchased it because of Cuban Pete? Yikes. Was I so sadly Star Trek obsessed that I had to buy the score to Generations?

In case you were unsure, Whoopi Goldberg is featured in this film.

I could take the easy route and not rip this CDs, but that would be like ignoring my youth, and I just can't do that. Now... I have to wrap this up so I can rip the Northern Exposure soundtrack.


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