Carl's Netflix Review #2

This is a "classic" review -- I will delve into my older reviews every now and then.

Pirates of the Caribbean
3/5 Stars

Pirates of the Caribbean is definitely a fun'n'tumble film, but that's about it -- all flash, no substance. With a standard 'lost treasure' story, we're introduced to our hero, our villain, our rogue, and the spunky girl. Star Wa-- I mean Pirates of the Caribbean puts on display some great special effects, however they do little in the way of creating more than a momentary thrill, rather than some stronger suspense and fear. Those pirates sure are dirty and have very few teeth... but what else can they do? Geoffrey Rush and Johnny Depp are absolutely fantastic in their potrayals as the scene-chewing Barbossa and Keith Richards-like Jack Sparrow, respectively. They more than make up for the absolutely wooden and contrived performances from Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. It's all Disney and Hollywood in the end, however, as good beats evil, the villain is vanquished, the rogue is redeemed, and the guy gets the girl.

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