Word Check

I admit, I am sometimes at fault when it comes to this topic I'm about to discuss, but I need it off my mind.

Now that the WWW allows anyone to give their opionion, I find myself reading those opinions and cringing. Sometimes it's just the content, but most times, it's the poor grammar, spelling and misuse of words that make me want to travel back in time to 1988, before the Internet era, when all I had was Uncle Fester's Quest on Nintendo.

Anyway, where was I... yes, the grammar and words and stuff. I was on Netflix just now, rating Batman Begins (4/5 stars) and was perusing the user comments for the film. The last one on the page starts with this line "This is the penultimate Batman movie. You've got everything here..."

Penultimate means "next to last", not "super ultimate" or something else that makes the word "ultimate" even more ultimate. Ugh.

These forums that now let us post opinions should at least police us when it comes to proper writing.


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