Boycott DaVinci

Not because some feel it's an afront to the Catholic church, but rather because it's a terrible book. Any changes that Ron Howard or Akiva Goldsman make would compromise the story -- so, if they can't make any significant changes, why would the movie's quality be much better than the book's?

I will say that the story is an imaginative concept, but that's where the praise begins and ends. The only reason it's a page-turner is that the chapters are so damn short, leaving the reader with mini-cliffhangers every three pages. Dan Brown skipped over writing The DaVinci Code for the big screen and went right to television, inserting several convenient points for commercial breaks.

I won't give anyone a literary alternative because I don't read fiction that much. I prefer to do my reading through images, shown to me at 24 frames per second.


Blogger Jessica complained...

I'd like to point out that it isn't really an original concept either since their were already like twenty books and movies about the holy grail being the descendents of Jesus, Jesus married Mary Magdalene, etc.

5/22/2006 3:21 PM
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Blogger Coolhand complained...

Here here! Although, his Angels and Demons I think is the same concept, but written much better!

5/23/2006 12:02 PM
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