What the...?

I'm mostly immune to banner ads that appear on web pages these days, but sometimes I just have to put on my "BS in Communication Science with a focus on Adverting" hat and try to figure out what the heck this is:

It's obviously for some sort of prescription drug. What Abraham Lincoln and the fact that some people miss him (or maybe me, the reader) has to do with it is lost on me.


Blogger Steve complained...

Haven't you seen the commercial for this product? It's a sleep aid. In the commercial, there's a guy whose dreams -- Lincoln, a chess playing beaver, etc. -- miss him, since he's not sleeping much anymore.

1/14/2007 10:33 PM
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Blogger Carl complained...

Yeah, I just caught the commercial after having not seen it for a while. It was out of my head and I had forgotten that Abe Lincoln was featured in it. Shame on me.

Still, I don't think that the person behind the web campaign can just assume that whoever is reading the banner will make the connection to the TV spot.

It's really not that memorable of an ad campaign (hence the blog post), so I'm wondering how many other people are scratching their heads.

1/15/2007 3:14 PM
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