Friday Night Right

Why is a show called Friday Night lights on Tusday night? Why is there a show on Mondays that gets its inspiration from a program on Saturday nights? Regardless, FNL is better than SNL and Studio 60 combined and here's why: the line, "Are you crazy about me? Or just crazy?", brings the Matt/Harriet relationship to its dizzying height. So dizzyingly high that I can no longer watch this garbage.

Studio 60 could possibly be the 60-minute drama version of Two and a Half Men and According to Jim: bland, predictable and oh-so-popular among people who get 70% of their news from People magazine.

Want some brain food? Give Friday Night Lights a chance -- it just got a full season order from NBC, so you won't risk getting attached and then being let down. Whereas Studio 60 is all about gloss and character who not only are steadfast in their beliefs but can never do wrong, Friday Night Lights is the opposite. Kyle Chandler plays a hardass coach who doesn't always know best. It's refreshing. That, and the wicked hot cheerleaders.


Blogger Elliott complained...

I thought that the first part of the Nevada storyline was very good -- great pacing, some interesting conflict. Probably the best episode since the pilot. And then last night they crapped the bed by starting off with a forced gay marriage debate and ending with a maudlin plot point about a brother in Iraq.

Good to see Fat Guy and Asian Girl get some PT along with the rest of our Not Ready For SNL Players -- Black Guy, Cute Guy, Jewish Guy, Hot Girl.

11/14/2006 3:46 PM
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