'Kidnapped' To Soon Vanish

And so it begins.

One of the fall season's more highly touted programs is about to have production halted -- which is the industry-PC term for cancellation. That's too bad because it was an actually halfway decent program. I was even planning to add it to my glorious new DVR when it gets set up next week.

I haven't seen it since I checked out the pilot through Netflix back in August, but it had potential. Jeremy Sisto was a good fit for his role as the not-by-the-book abductee finder, and Timothy Hutton brought plenty of nervous energy to make you suspect he that he's behind the kidnapping of his son. Delroy Lindo also brought some gravitas to the series.

I've been missing a lot since I stopped using TiVo at the beginning of September. Here's hoping that Studio Sixty (probably, but deservedly) and Jericho survive so I can catch up and keep watching.


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