Adios TiVo

TiVo announced that it's new HD, Series 3 box will have an MSRP of $799. Taking off that dollar from the even $800 really takes the bite away. Combine that with TiVo's "very special" offer for existing lifetime subscription customers to transfer their accounts for $200. I understand that a TiVo is for true television lovers who want to watch TV on their own time -- but $1000 for that convenience (plus a monthly or yearly subscription) is ridiculous. Cable companies are offering the same service for just a subscription. Satellite companies are offering the same service with a subscription and a much less expensive piece of hardware. Is the wonderful, sound-effects-laden interface of a TiVo worth almost $1000?

I think not.

It was nice while it lasted, TiVo -- you never missed a show, you did your job, and you broke my heart.


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