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I'm not sure from whence my wrath for Bill Simmons came, but today's "article" is another straw to break a camel's back. Maybe it's an ESPN.com directive that limits his output, but I doubt it, given that he still has the "More Cowbell" blog running, despite no posts since mid-March.

In the last month, Simmons has blessed us with a whopping 12 pieces including two mailbags, four re-posts of old articles and two ESPN the Magazine pieces.

Mailbags are, for lack of a better term, mixed bags. They're pretty entertaining, but they're only half written by the man. They're an easy out for someone who doesn't feel like expounding on one topic for two dozen paragraphs. Instead, it's one paragraph on two dozen topics. Lame.

So we're stuck with four original, full length articles in the last month. It smacks of laziness and creative apathy. Bill: if you have trouble writing about topics that don't relate either to the NBA or anything that took place in the 1990s, why not change your moniker to "The Lazy-Ass Nearly Anything But Sports Guy"?

I want to like The Artist Formerly Known as the Boston Sports Guy, but it's getting harder and harder every 2-3 days. Maybe a sabbatical to anywhere except Las Vegas is needed.


Blogger Elliott complained...

At least he hasn't been 'Insider-ed' -- a shameless money grubbing scheme that's pushed me towards CBS Sportsline.

I still haven't bothered to read the article, but how can Simmons make a "pilgrammage" to Lambeau? Does that mean if I visit Mecca, I can call it a "pilgrammage" even if I'm not Muslim? I don't think so. I also can't make a pilgrammage to Dodger Stadium, Wrigley, or MSG.

Anyway, I wonder if he's working on something else, like a book or screenplay. Regardless, I don't see how difficult it could be to write a 'Random Thoughts' article once a week. Some of us need more material to read while 'working'.

8/29/2006 3:10 PM
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