When it comes to moving, the phrase "Time is Money" goes out the window. In an effort to save as much money as possible, my ladyfriend and I have spent almost all of our free time packing boxes, loading cards, and trudging items up and down hallways and staircases over the last couple of weeks. Couple this activity with several weddings, birthdays and other summer parties and you get one very exhausted, angry, young Bostonian. The movers are coming this weekend, but who knows when we'll actually finish "moving".

I will miss the Davis Square area quite a bit. Somerville has gotten a bad rap the last decade or so that is undeserved. Much of the city is clean, well lit and all the squares have great restaurants and bars. Having lived on both sides of the Charles, I'll take Somerville and Cambridge over the bedbug/college student infested shithole of Allston and Brighton any day. Plus, my car insurance premium is less.


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