R.I.P Juror #7

Jack Warden died over the weekend, which is too bad. He was one of those instantly-recognizable, "that guy"'s. I most recently saw him in Twelve Angry Men (an excellent movie that you should put at the top of your Netflix). He was definitely one of the more angry men, and made fun of Juror #6 for being an Orioles fan.

I always thought he had a very distinct, gruff voice; but from checking his IMDb sheet, he only had one voice role in his entire career. Other movies I've seen with him (that I remember seeing him): All the Presidents Men, The Replacements, Toys, and the Problem Child series.

Jack Warden also completes the most recent "death comes in threes" trifect, finished up the cycle that Barnard Hughes and Red Buttons started (unless you count Mickey Spillane).


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