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Pittsburgh is a fun place for a baseball game, regardless if it's the All Star Game (let's not even get into when the next World Series in Pittsburgh will take place). I can't say that I've been to all the newer, well planned ballparks, but I can't think of a better place for a spectator sport stadium. The facility is top notch, for one; it's accessible by car (tons of parking), foot (they close down the Roberto Clemente Bridge from downtown for games), and even boat (there's a riverboat stop in center field). The view from both sides of the infield is spectacular -- either you get the mustard-yellow Clemente Bridge, or a really amazing, Citgo-sign beating all-American skyline.

  • The stadium
  • The last round of the HR derby
  • The last few innings of the All Star Game
  • The Original -- hot dogs with bacon and melted cheese (called Superdogs)
  • Primanti Brothers -- Subs stuffed with cold cuts, french fries and slaw
  • Buck O'Neil, after getting on a packed bus to an event, "Just like old times... back o' the bus."
  • Almost getting shoved by an irate Rollie Fingers
  • Having to listen to Big and Rich, live, for two days in a row
  • The biggest non-MLB celebrity sighting: Artie Lang
  • Being surrounded by the sights, sounds and history of the Pirates, a team that is on its way to its 14th straight losing season.
To read that Pirates owner Kevin McClatchey was pleased with the attendance numbers of the Futures Game, but not say anything about the state of the team he actually owns made me blink several times. It's embarrassing that one of the oldest MLB franchises in history is doing this poorly. Mark Cuban can't save the Pirates soon enough.


Blogger jomilkman complained...

that's awesome. i'm glad you got to go.

any sandwich involving french fries, especially if fused to the bread with cheese, is a winner in my book.

did rollie use his mustache to shove you?

7/13/2006 9:28 AM
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Blogger Carl complained...

The best part is that they have Primanti Bros. in the Stadium.

Rollie has actually streamlined his 'stache -- it looks almost like a normal, greased mustache with a little less than a full curl.

7/13/2006 10:58 AM
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Blogger Coolhand complained...

Was there a Willige Stargell apperance?

7/13/2006 1:27 PM
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