Reason #519 Why I Don't Do Public Transportation

I needed to drop my car off at the dealership for some service, so I decided today would be the day -- I would drop it off in Allston, take the bus to Harvard Square and then the Red Line to work. Easy-peezy.

As I'm boarding the bus, standing behind someone who's putting change in the newly-designed fare machine, I hear a voice from behind me: "Get a pass.... get a pass. This thing wouldn't take forty minutes if you had a pass." -- what an ass!

So the new fare machine requires you to put in each coin at a time, rather than dropping a chunk of change in and letting the machine sort it out. I assume the new machine has fewer mechanical parts -- and a lesser chance of breaking.

I barely had gotten my change into the machine when Mr. Ass reached around me to swipe is almighty pass. If my first cup of coffee had kicked in by then, I would have told him to shove his pass.

It looks like I'll have to add T-riders to my list of people with unbearable superiority complexes: T-riders, vegetarians, bicyclists, and women.

For the record, the bus took about 15 minutes to get to Harvard Square.


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