Quiet day at work + the most boring day of the week = blog maintenance!

I've cleaned up the links on the right, removing some (Megan and Joseph, tsk tsk) blog listings, creating a few categories, and adding a couple links that I think you all would enjoy.

Also, the Netflix RSS feed I had keeps breaking. I know you are absolutely dying to know what I have in my queue, but I just can't get the feed to stay consistent. If you want to know, just join Netflix and 'friend' me.

Perhaps now I'll do a little site redesign. Who else is tired of black all the time?


Anonymous Jamie complained...

That's nice of you to keep my link up there, but it's gone the way of 'Lucky Louie' and won't be returning soon.

9/20/2006 10:22 AM
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Blogger Carl complained...

We'll miss you, Jamie. Though your blog did not have as much gratuitous language or sex to begin with. Perhaps you're more of a Showtime thing...

9/20/2006 1:22 PM
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