To Netflix or not to Netflix

As you can probably tell from the number of TV-related posts in the last two years, I am a TV junkie. I'd rather talk about television all day long than movies. That said, I'm considering removing most movies from my Netflix queue and going with a near all-TV diet. Is this a smart thing to do, especially since the Fall 06 season is upon us? Are there any new shows worth watching? The Nine piques my curiosity, but that's about it. I'll also probably jump on The Office bandwagon (I know -- waaaay late, but if you saw the BBC version first, like I did, you wouldn't care too much about the US show until now, either).

The math:

2005/06 (not including series airing during Summer '06)
  • Lost
  • 24 (January-May)
  • The Sopranos (March-June)
  • Big Love (March-June)
  • The Shield (January-March)
  • House
  • The OC
  • Prison Break
  • Arrested Development
  • Rome (August-November)
Arrested Development is dead and I'm also dropping the OC from my rotation.

  • Lost
  • 24 (January)
  • The Sopranos (Spring)
  • Big Love (Spring)
  • The Shield (January)
  • House
  • The Nine
  • Prison Break
  • The Office
  • Rome (Spring)
Looks like I'll be commiting the same number of hours, just to different programs. Distribution between Fall and Spring is about the same. Looks like Autumn is the perfect time to fill in the empty broadcast hours. Why spend my time outside while the weather is still good when I can fill my brain up with even more scripted, serialized goodness?

Movies will always be there for us, it's just that once a good movie is releases, there's buzz for a week or two and then there is no more. Once a good television show is broadcast, there's buzz for a day or two... and then a week later there's new buzz for a day or two... and on and on over the course of 4-8 months. Granted, there won't be buzz over the shows I see on DVD, but I'm looking at this as pop-cultural enrichment.

Now, what should I add first?


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