Bittersweet Vindication

Has it really been 12 days since the last post? Time flies. I'm still unpacking, eating dinner with future-in-laws and getting full-time jobs.

The Simmons hate-a-thon is in its opening throes:

Read this first (optional, but helpful for context).

Read this.

Read this after.

Essentially, Bill Simmons lives in an insular world in which is "cutting edge"-ness is actually tempered by his employers. He provides a few interesting ideas every three months, but ultimately his schtick is just that: contrived, expected and used way-too-much. I'll admit I give him the hometown critical discount because I do enjoy when he talks about the Celtics' glory days, but I can definitely see how non-Boston-based bloggers can feel their bile rising.


Blogger Offy complained...

If you want well written articles about the Celtics glory days just look to Bob Ryan once the season starts. He's always good for one or two a season. Simmons moreso writes about Bird's glory days.

It's a shame because he used to be great, but he rarely writes anymore and is completely out of touch with the average Boston sports fan. I'm not sure what target audience he's aiming for these days.

10/03/2006 5:29 PM
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