Whoopitedoo summed it up better than I could have, but I just wanted to throw my two cents in as well: Red Auerbach was the most important non-player in NBA history. In this modern day of triangle offenses and designer suits and whoring for ESPN and TNT, there will never be someone like him again.

The Celtics did right by his memory yesterday both with the City Hall Plaza rally in his honor and the opening night pre-game ceremonies. Paul Pierce added a nice touch by dedicating not just the '06-'07 season to Red (which we knew about through ESPN and the Globe for the past few days), but the rest of his career as a Celtic (a nice surprise).

It's damn shame that the Celtics have been consistently terrible for the last 4 years -- Pierce's popularity level in this town could easily match that of David Ortiz or Tom Brady if only the team could make the headlines. What's doubly depressing about the Celtics competitive situation is that for the most part, this is a team without egos -- the only thing bringing it down is lack of experience and poor coaching decisions. Doc Rivers's inability to settle on a set starting lineup will get him booted by the end of the year. We can also say adios to Danny Ainge at the end of the season if Rivers' theoretical replacement can't show some improvement. This year has "Pitino-in-01" written all over it.

Despite it all, I'm sure Red would be happy about the direction of the franchise as of this season. Here's hoping they eventually win a championship in his memory.

Addendum -- have you seen Kendrick Perkins??? That dude is huge!


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