Congrats Cards

Hey -- it was the Mets's series to lose, and they did, as it was the Yankee's ALDS series to lose. Now I'm going to have to put up with Deadspin's hourly blogs about the Cardinals for another week. Oh well. Verlander! Suppan! It's the 2006 World Series on FOX! I could care less about who wins.


Blogger Elliott complained...

The Tigers could make it three in a row for charter American League teams still in their original cities.

Charter franchises that went elsewhere:
-Baltimore Orioles (they became the Yankees)
-Milwaukee Brewers (they became the St. Louis Browns, who became the present day Orioles)
-Philadelphia Athletics (Oakland)
-Washington Senators (Minnesota Twins)

Charter franchises that stayed put:
-Boston Americans (our beloved Red Sox)
-Chicago White Stockings
-Cleveland Blues (now the Indians)
-Detroit Tigers

If the Tigers win the Series (as they should), then I might consider putting down some money on the Indians for next year.

(BTW, shame on the Tigers for letting the Cardinals win game one -- that precluded the AL from sweeping the Series three years in a row, which would have had the bonus effect of leaving Tony LaRussa's alltime World Series record a putrid 5-16)

10/24/2006 3:19 PM
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