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Added a link to one of my new favorite blogs, Fire Joe Morgan. The bulk of FJM's content is a constant railing of everything ESPN star baseball analyst Joe Morgan says either on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball broadcasts or through his ESPN chats:
Anthony (LA):: Joe, what does having four full straight days off do to the Cleveland Indians? Do you think that MLB should open the season in roofed or warm weather stadiums?

SportsNation Joe Morgan: It affects them because they will lose some timing, but they have underground batting facilities and such. It's going to affect them, but they'll have to adjust.

[FJM commentary]: Here's how Hall of Famer and multiple Emmy winner for excellence in broadcasting just treated Anthony from L.A.

Q. What does having four straight days off do to the Indians?
A. It affects them.
Q. Do you think MLB should open the season in warmer climates or domed stadiums?
A. (silence)
Q. Hello?
This one is the best of the week, however:
Rick H. (Selah, Wa.): Do you think King Felix has a shot at the AL Cy Young this season? Or, will it be another year or two?

SportsNation Joe Morgan: Dwight Gooden is the best young pitcher I've ever seen. He was better than all of them at a young age.

[FJM commentary]: Very very simple question, for an analyst. Will Felix H. contend for the Cy this year, or will it take a little longer. Answer is to a completely different question, namely: "Who is the best young pitcher you ever saw?"

This is amazing. The man should be fired immediately, for this answer. This is a fireable offense, to me, if you are supposed to the #1 analyst on the #1 baseball network in America. Shocking. (Sorry this isn't funny, or even really attempting to be. I am just stunned into earnestness.)
I'm not going to copy and paste the entire transcript because my name isn't Ron Borges, but I definitely suggest that you stop by there every week, just to catch up on the inanity of it all. Out of all the play-by-play and color commentary announcers in all of sports, how is possible that we don't have a solid, national #1 duo or trio?

I don't pay too much attention to basketball broadcasts, but it seems like one of the few sports where the broadcast team is secondary to the action. Baseball and Football have so much downtime between snaps/plays/pitches/hits/etc -- broadcasts require a little more flavor to keep viewers interested between DirecTV commercials.


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