Festivus Comes Early

Let's get angry!

Item!  Why's everyone getting so pissy about the Barry and Michelle Obama New Yorker cover?  It mocks almost every right wing stereotype of the couple save Barack's Ivy League, elitist education and lifestyle.  If anything, this should energize the Obamaniacs.  They should go on campaign warpath with this, not direct anger towards the New Yorker, which has produced its share of controversial covers in the past.  Once again, this country's rear end is so tight it could make diamonds from coal.  Somebody must have said in the past, "If you're not offending at least one person, you're not doing it right."  If nobody's taking credit for that statement, I'll take it.

Item!  John McCain can't use a computer.  Who should care?  The White House Tech Support guy -- he has one less potential problem to worry about.  McCain is quoted as using his cell phone often.  Would you rather a U.S. President who hides behind email the way you or I hide behind email when you have to contact someone but you don't want an immediate response because that means more work, or do you want a guy who gets on the horn and gets shit done? Vice Presidents are for looking shit up on Google.  Presidents are for making decisions.  I've worked for many capable company presidents and CEOs who can barely create a word document and they seem to do pretty well for themselves and the company.   I'm not a McCain supporter by any means, but the fact that a 72 year old man doesn't check YouTube for the latest Weezer video should not affect your vote.

Item!  There's only one October and it's brought to you by Spanish from Old School.  Am I reading Rick Gonzalez's thoughts on the pennant race, or am I reading some professional writer's estimation of what a young, hispanic man named October Gonzo would be thinking about the playoffs?  If I were October Gonzo, I'd be thinking about why my parents ate mushrooms before deciding on my name.  Why do I need my hand held by a corporate lackey, or several corporate lackeys from July to October?

Item!  I'm writing this blog from a line outside the Apple Store at the mall.  No I'm not -- I'm at home, resting, because I work during the day and take personal and vacation days to actually travel and enjoy life.  I invite all iPhone users to send me a text message* to tell me how much I really want an iPhone.  *Impossible on an iPhone.

Not all things boil my blood.  In fact, I've even been appreciating things:

Item!  There is nothing funnier on the radio these days than the Toucher and Rich show on WBCN in the afternoon.  It seems like every day they take what look like to be normal slices of life and flip them on their heads.  Of course, there's the inane radio T&A, but there are several moments of brilliance -- the years-long relationship ship with homeless man "Chili Guy" who appears to either be a time traveler from 1989 or just decided to forget the last 19 years.  He loves his Stevie B.  Listeners are also treated by the escapades of weight and smarts challenged intern Adolfo.  It's hard to explain in writing, so I urge you to listen any afternoon from 3-7.

Item!  Rock Band releases 10 downloadable tracks by The Who!  I'm not sure if anyone from the band had a hand in picking the tunes, but almost all are perfect choices -- I would replace Eminence Front with a John Entwistle tune, My Wife, or 5:15 off of Quadrophenia.  Three tracks from Live at Leeds make this a must-download-now pack.

Item!  I know this is pretty late, but how about them Celtics?  Is there a player in the NBA more deserving of a championship than Paul Pierce?  KG and Ray Allen are also players with incredible character -- but The Truth has been through good times, bad times, and near-death times.  His number will be hanging from the rafters when he retires and he will truly be considered a Celtic Legend when his time comes.


That's it for now, bloggerinos.


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