I am addicted to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

I pity you fools with your PCs, Xboxes and GameCubes.

Sorry I haven't written much, but February was just plain uneventful. Here's hoping that March has more going on.

Back to GTA:SA -- here's how the story goes: I received the game for Christmas and began playing (not addicted). I looked around online at different game sites and realized that there is a way to play the game to "100% completion". Realizing that I was too far along to complete 100%, I decided to start from scratch with 100% in mind. After playing this way for a few weeks, I've come upon a phase in the game where I must take over rival gang territory. There's a ton of rival territory and it hasn't been easy. In fact, it's been consuming me (addict alert). I check websites for strategies, have my own 100% checklist, and rush home from work in order to get as much playing time in as possible (breaking for dinner and to sleep). I am a total GTA addict and I can't get enough.

What is it about this game? I have very little with which to identify with the main character of the game -- CJ, an ex-con parolee who returns to his west coast home only to find his gang and family in complete disarray. It's just that much fun to steal people's cars, shoot them in the head and perform a ton of other distructive actions. I guess it's hard to imagine unless you've played the series before.

Besides my GTA obsession, not much else going on. My roomates and I finished season one of Deadwood on DVD recently in preparation for the new season two. I had already watched season one as it aired, but as I rewatched, I realized that Deadwood in the 00's is no different than Bonananza of the 1960s. Both shows are romanticized versions of the old west, as per the social environment of the broadcast era. In the 60's, everyone was high on family values, right vs. wrong, and demonizing the communists. No one even wanted to produce Star Trek because the suits felt that a family could not relate to all the characters (who could relate to a pointy-eared alien who resembled the devil?). The same correlation to the modern social environment applies to Deadwood. People want gritty, people are surrounded by swears and coarse language. No one really knows where the line between good and evil is. It's blurred beyond recognition. Thankfully HBO is around to show us. My thoughts on the season so far: the premier I felt was a bit weak -- it definitely set the stage for the season, but did so without a big bang (it is the first of two parts, so that could change, however a show like Deadwood is really a 13-parter). When is Curb Your Enthusiasm starting up again?

Less than a week until The Shield -- can you feel it? I'm going to go out on a limb and say Mike Chiklis's portrayal of Det. Vick Mackey is in the top 5 TV lead-roles of all time. I wouldn't mind hearing what my faithful readers (all 4 of them) think some others would be.

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Well, that's it for now. Maybe I'll back-post some messages about random things from Febrauary, so check below this post. Also, I'll look into adding images to the blog through one of those picture services.


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