Best of C2K+5

Yes, it's a few weeks into 2006, but everyone loves a "Best of..." list! I decided to go through my movie stubs, rental history, restaurant dining schedule, and anything else that I happened to experience in 2005. Here's my version of a year-end "Best of..." list, and and I'll throw in a few "worst", just for fun:


L'Auberge Espagnole (The Spanish Apartment) (rented in February). Believe it or not, some foreign films suck. Just because something comes from off-shore and not through the Hollywood system, doesn't mean it is a work of outsider geniuous, giving film snobs even more ammo. Luckily, The Spanish Apartment is a good parable of the state of Western Europe today and an interesting coming-of-age story. If you've ever studied abroad, definitely have a look.

Bubba-Ho-Tep (rented in March). An ancient Egyptian ghoul invades a nursing home that happens to house an elderly, incognito Elvis Presley and a black man who claims to be John F. Kennedy. It can't get much weirder or better than that.

Napoleon Dynamite (rented in March). Duh.

Kung Fu Hustle (seen in the theater in April). The best movie I saw all year and probably in my top 10 of all time. If you haven't seen it, get your ass to the video store immediately.

The Motorcycle Diaries (rented in April)
. A very atmospheric film that explores friendship and spirit for adventure, as well as some social and class differences. This shouldn't be known as "That Che Guevara Movie before Che was Che," but rather a semi-existential road movie.
The Right Stuff (rented in August). Definitely a lost movie. It's really interesting to watch and there are quite a few performances from today's bigger names.

Rocky (rented in December). Sorry I didn't see this one earlier in life. Go Rocky Go!

Worst: Wake Up Ron Burgundy (the piece-of-crap collection of deleted scenes formed into a new Anchorman movie), Land of the Dead.


Best Meal: It was a tie, but both events include steak. My old company's holiday party at Grill 23 and a dinner I had with friends at the Roadhouse. The Roadhouse meal was so good I blogged about it. I love steak.

Worst: The Blue Shirt Cafe in Davis Square. The chicken fajita wrap tasted like bland carboard. My girlfriend felt so bad she bought me a burrito at Anna's.


Best: Nine days in Italy this summer with my girlfriend, family, and extended family were an experience of a lifetime. I'm very happy I went.

Worst: Anytime I took the bus to my girlfriend's place (when I lived in Allston and she in Cambridge). Waiting in the dark in 20 degree weather for a bus is not fun.


Best Small-venue: Stellastarr* at the Paradise in October. It more than took the sting out of the Red Sox exiting the playoffs earlier that evening.

Best Large-venue: Tom Petty at the Tweeter Center in June. It was kind of a short show, but still excellent. Tom is the definition of a performer and he likes to keep his ticket prices relatively low. I will always see Petty if he's in town.

Worst: The Rolling Stones at Fenway Park in August. I worked this show and it was one of the worst working experiences of my life. Never have I been involved with such planned chaos.


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