Don't Stop

The first 58 minutes had me nervous, the next 3 minutes gave me palpitations, and the following 5 seconds were the longest five seconds in my life, and all the time since has been contemplatively blissful.

My prediction for the end of the Sopranos was that Tony would end up alone -- not necessarily by the death of everyone in his family or his Family, but more likely the sociopath in him would have completely taken over, creating an irreparable rift between him, his wife, children and other associates. It appears I was wrong -- my theory applies more to the ending for Uncle Junior's part of the story, and I think it's fitting that Tony settled things with him as best he could, before realizing that his own uncle has no idea what "this thing of ours" is anymore.

No, Tony had a much simpler ending than that -- life goes on: always looking over his shoulder (or towards the door of the diner), at risk of indictment, members of his crew willing and able to flip -- or worse, his wife perpetually pissed off at one of his indiscretions, and a passive-aggressive relationship with his son. Isn't that how the show started? Why wouldn't it end that way?

If anything, the only other people to get whacked last night were you and me -- and just like Tony and Bobby talked about in "Soprano Home Movies", we never saw it coming.


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