Well THAT happened....

When I started this blog over four years ago, I was a different person: I was a single guy, just moved out of his parents house, working at a job that provided as much motivation as it did compensate (read: very little). Writing for this blog and its audience of five was almost second nature.

Things have changed -- in four years, I've switched jobs three times and got married. Blogging kind of fell by the wayside. I'm not alone -- several of my buddies in the blogosphere have curtailed their writing or out and out just stopped.

Well, it's time for things to turn around. Not only am I challenging myself, but if you have a blogger account that's been sitting idle for a while, I'm challenging you. Hit that keyboard once a month. I bet you'll like it. Then, hit it once a week -- you'll like it even more. Write about whatever you're thinking. Give me your link and I'll put it on the right!

My day consists of sleeping and working and fitting in TV. Unless you watch the same shows I watch and want to write about them, I guarantee you I'll read what you have to write, no matter how 'plain' you think it is. Give me a window into your thoughts and I'll do the same.

Not to get all revolutionary on you, but the Internet is here for our taking -- opinions and thoughts are here for our taking. So take them!


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