News That's Unfit to Print

OK, it's ANGRY time. I'm AN ANGRY YOUNG BOSTONIAN. Guess what I'm angry at now: the Internet Movie Database news service. Yes, not a particularly important issue in today's post-9/11 world, but an issue nonetheless.

I've been a fan of the IMDb ever since almost the time it arrived on the web in the mid 90's. It was fun to be able to look up an actor's entire filmography or discover early films by directors and other production crewmembers or look back on cancelled TV shows. Hey -- even I'm on the IMDb. It was also a good source for news information about the players in Hollywood and elsewhere in the world of film and television -- and this is what I'm ANGRY about.

The current IMDb news section is a joke. Ever since Amazon.com bought the site in 1998, it's been rolling downhill as it rapes the definition of "news" with its sweeping language and useless information. Here are some examples of "Celebrity News" (with a summary each blurb):

Singer and actress Lindsay Lohan has furiously blasted reports she's secretly dating actor Christian Slater. (Her spokesperson calmly stated she's not dating Christian Slater, to her knowledge).

Britney Spears has been barred from looking after her eight-month-old stepson Kaleb... (Actually, the baby's mother says he lets Britney look after the child along with her).

Nicole Kidman has vehemently denied reports she is pregnant... (She does deny it, but hardly vehemently).

Oscar winner Sean Penn's latest movie All The King's Men has left him with such severe exhaustion, he's retiring from the movie industry for several years to recover. (He jokingly comments that he's going to take a couple years off, despite having two newer films on his filmography).

And on and on and on...

Is the World Entertainment News Network (the source of IMDb's news) bent on getting its readers so worked up about stupid celebrity news? And really, who cares if Britney Spears can't see her husband's bastard child? Tell me more about films in development. Tell me more about roles that are being taken (based on fact, not rumor). Entertain and enlighten me!

Screw IMDb's news service. I'm out.


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