So Far So Good

I'm two weeks into the new job and so far so good. It's a much different type of work than what I was doing at BU, but that's what I was looking for anyway. I won't blog much about it, since supposedly it's unethical in many of the eyes of corporate America to state your opinion about your employers or your employment situation.

I do have a problem with the whole business-dressy thing. A question to all you fellows who have to wear something a step above jeans/khakis to work -- how do you prevent your keys from digging into your thigh through the thin fabric? It's like I'm having bamboo shoot stuck into me whenever I sit on the T or at my desk. Also, how is it possible to keep your pocket change from making noise like a jar of coins being shaken? Keep in mind I'm not planning to buy a change purse or a 'portfolio'.

Anyway, work is good; the people are nice and the days fly by, which hasn't happened for while to me.


Blogger Jessica complained...

Carl, obviously you need a man purse.

9/19/2005 8:26 PM
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