Wet, Wild Weekend

Futurewife and I spent the weekend at the Great Escape Lodge this weekend for my cousin's wedding. It was an awesome time and I wish him and his new wife good luck and a fun time in Fiji.

The best thing about the Great Escape Lodge, besides being in the scenic Adirondacks, is the fact that located within the hotel is a water park. Nothing like a bridal party going boogey-boarding on a wave machine before the big day.

The wedding was very nice and the reception was held at the bride's family's lake house. The real fun start at the afterparty in the hotel bad, then the after-after party in the bridal suite, then the walk to an off-property bar for the after-after-after party (which turned into a giant circle when we decided to move that particular nth of a party back to another hotel room). It felt kind of like part one of this:

All in all, a fun weekend to get away.


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