Belated Emmy Recap Preview

Red Sox and Patriots games prevented me from watching the Emmys live this year, but I want to do some kind of recap. I was able to watch a DVR'ed hour's worth of the show before I fell asleep -- which bodes well for the rest of the broadcast -- so I will try to have something tomorrow.

Initial thoughts on the first hour:
  • Emmys in the Round! -- I'm waiting for Suze Orman to show up.
  • I hope the opening song was the first and last Family Guy-related schtick of the night. Barely funny. How awkward is it for an audience to be staring at a bare stage while computer-generated cartoon characters cavort in everyone else's living rooms?
  • Ryan Seacrest isn't bad as a host (since his entire resume is filled with hosting duties), but he's definitely overmatched following in the footsteps of Conan O'Brien and Johnny Carson. Even Ellen DeGeneres's five minutes of improv/presenting went better than Seacrest's opening monologue.
  • I might be fast-forwarding through the musical Sopranos tribute.
  • Robert Duvall is class -- more on this tomorrow.
Like the last bullet says -- more tomorrow!


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9/18/2007 2:40 PM
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