Long Live Tony

Work kind of took over the last couple days, so the Emmy recap may have to wait a little long. I did want to post today, however, in response to perhaps the greatest television news of the year, possible the decade: Tony Almeida is back!

I don't care how they explain it in the context of the show, since explaining the non-death of a major character is the least of 24's worries next year, I'm just happy that the greatest supporting character of all time is BACK. There's no doubt that Tony was probably the most or second most (after Jack) popular character on the show, and for him to go "out" the way he did was just awful -- and that scene probably gave license to the shows writers and producers to take everything over the top from there on. Let's hope this is a sign of the show grounding itself a little.


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9/22/2007 7:58 PM
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