I Guess I Shouldn't Really Complain

Is anyone else finding the 2007 Patriots season just a little lacking? It's fun watching Tom Brady throw to Randy Moss and destroy the hopes of dozens of players and thousands of fans in the span of 60 minutes, but where's the excitement?

Maybe it's due to the joke that is the rest of the AFC east -- six games against opponents that have a combined record of 2-13 as of today. I'm not saying that the Patriots are big bullies beating up on weak teams, but this is akin to the Red Sox destroying the Angels in three near-forgettable games

The 12 other games on the schedule don't get my engine revving either -- of the games they've already played, San Diego was expected to be the most competitive, except it wasn't. Cincinatti had gone 4-12 in the 12 months prior to their Monday Night Football contest with the Patriots. I'm not sure anyone outside of Cleveland can get excited for a Browns game. Except for Richard Seymour, the team's most vital players are healthy. Videotape-gate is now a non-topic.

Now we look forward to the 5-0 (almost 4-1) Cowboys. I'm preparing myself now for the onslaught of "Only one team will come out of this game 6-0!" chatter online and in the news, but will it really be a contest? Randy Moss is just sick against Dallas -- 29 catches, 675 yards and 10 touchdowns in six games. Tom Brady is having a career year. It's like the alien ships from Independence Day repelling Air Force jets and nuclear bombs. The Patriots cannot be stopped.

The biggest game of the season is yet again against the Colts in week 9. It could easily be a 7-0 team versus an 8-0 team -- that could be exciting since the Colts are no pretenders. Washington in week 8 could be interesting, but I don't know anything about them. Their defense is pretty good. Pittsburgh in week 14 might be my own personal most-anticipated game, mostly because I hate Steelers' fans attitudes. They had no right to be in the Superbowl two years ago, and every time the Patriots play the Steelers, they lose, despite the fans' big talk.

The last game of the season is against the Giants, who are currently giving up more points than they are making, which is never a good thing.

It's obviously never good to be complacent, but I can't help it when things are this good.


Blogger Kyle complained...

Good call on the Dallas game... I wish that I had read this before placing bets against the spread.

11/21/2007 1:24 AM
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