Good Morning, Toucher and Rich

The morning radio landscape in Boston has been pretty barren since Charles Laquidera headed for Hawaii in 1996 and Howard Stern decided you should have to pay to listen to him in 2006. I've been making a commuting drive to one job or another for about two and a half years, and every morning my radio has been like an Old Country Buffet for my ears -- plenty to choose from, mediocre quality, and usually causing diarrhea.

I did enjoy the Swayse Show on WFNX while it was on -- decent music, news and interviews with local and national personalities. This was all good until The Swayse Show was replaced with the Sandbox in 2007 -- an un-entertaining mess hosted by three pop-culture expert wannabes who think interviewing the editor of Blender magazine is good radio and pass off the corporate synergy of interviewing Boston Phoenix writers as something objective.

My dial would often turn to Opie and Anthony on WBCN, who had a somewhat entertaining show, despite its New York slant and the on-air talent's ridiculous use of the word "bleech", like Mad Magazine was all the rage.

This past Tuesday, WBCN pulled the plug on the O&A Virus and installed afternoon guys Toucher and Rich in their place -- what a difference a plug pulling makes. I've written in this space before that the T&R show is some of the best radio around and so far the switch to 6am has not diluted their quality. Rather than listen to Opie and Anthony interview Jim Leyritz for the 5th time, I now get to listen to fat intern Adolfo try to have a conversation with a homeless man nicknamed Chili Guy.

The T&R show has also fired several shots at WAAF's Hill-Man Morning show, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out (my money is on T&R).
Anyway, good luck, Toucher and Rich, with your new time slot -- you actually don't need it in this market.


Anonymous Special Ed complained...

Sorry that you aren't a fan of the show. Hopefully having T&R in the morning has saved you from our "mess" of a show.

I do find it odd that you chastised us for talking to the editor of Blender and then link to the blog of EW's E@L. What do I know?

For the record - we never claim to be subjective when we talk to The Phoenix. Ever.

Hopefully you will find it in your angry, young heart to give us another listen.

12/04/2008 12:20 PM
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Blogger Carl complained...

I had originally linked to Mr. Tucker's blog because of his book, Kissing Bill O'Reilly, Roasting Miss Piggy: 100 Things to Love and Hate About TV. His blogs early posts were almost a continuation of the book and focused entirely on TV -- since then, he's gone back to EW and uses his space for what looks like his leftover bits from EW and a little bit of self-promotion.

Why don't I remove him? Several reasons: laziness, apathy, dislike of messing with the beautiful HTML I used to create that link. Sometime it could happen (possibly the same day I find myself calling the Voltron Transformer tin can hotline at FNX.

I hope you don't hate me, SpEd, for not enjoying your show. It would be fun to one day have a beer with you and the rest of the gang, though I'm 99% sure Hank Santoro would get real nasty, real quick (or real emotional). There is one thing we can all agree on -- Greg Hill is a douche.

12/04/2008 12:54 PM
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Anonymous Special Ed complained...

We can make that beer happen. Shoot me an email with your name and I will put you on the list for the Ting Tings show on Wednesday. And don't worry about Henry, he just gets grabby.

specialed at wfnx.com

12/05/2008 5:14 AM
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