Park It Right Here

Read in the paper today: Mayor Menino isn't happy about lots around Fenway Parking charging upwards of $60 (rumors of one lot that charges $100) for parking during Red Sox homegames. Wow, big suprise that surrounding businesses would actually want to capitalize on 35,000+ neighborhood visitors on 80+ days a year. You know it's a slow day when this is actually on the front page.

I can't say that I agree these businesses should charge that much for parking, but, if people are willing to pay it, why not? 'Let the market it sort itself out' sort of thing.

So people are being gouged outside the park? Is it so unexpected given how much a family of four spends on average at the ballpark for the true Fenway experience? Tickets, something to eat, and a souvenier or two can run four people over $200.

Here's an idea. Save yourself $60 (or $100 if you're too stupid or lazy to find a space somewhere and walk) and take the T in. It's 45 minutes at most from most of the outlying, suburban T stops (Alewife and Riverside from my experience) and it can actually be a fun experience to be with other people, dressed in red, white, and blue and on their way for a fun time at Fenway. Doesn't it take just as long to drive in (during rush hour on most days) and drive out once the game is over? Save the environment.


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