Spring Cleaning of my Mind

Good thing I had something to write about on April 13th or else I might have gone over a month without posting something for my dedicated reader(s). I might do some backposting too, so don't forget to read below this post.

I have been busy lately with two jobs, seasonal allergies, birthdays, weddings, holidays and the like, but things have died down enough this week for me to get back to my true responsibility: getting angry and telling you (all) about it.

Actually, not too much to get angry about lately; in fact, plenty of things to look forward to:

Nice weather -- at least for this week. It's a pain the weekends have all been crappy; it doesn't look good for this weekend either, but May is running its course and that means whatever seasonal allergies occur in late April/early May will taper off too -- good for me.

The Red Sox are surviving -- maybe 2004 will be remembered as the year the lone gunfighter (Schilling) came into town, did his job and then disappeared into the wind. I just read that the Sox starters are 8-0 with a 2.90 ERA, and, having seen Wade Miller in action on Sunday, things might just get better. I will be interesting to see what happens if and when Schilling and Wells return to a rotation that could include four red-hot starters -- I don't see anyone budging and moving to the bullpen in this scenario.

Done 'till January -- at least that's what I think in my mind. The busy time at job #1 culminates in a large project the first week of May. Now that it's over, let's just say I'll have plenty of time to sample all the games Yahoo! has to offer.

Moving at the end of the month -- The Allston experiment ends in three weeks. Results include the subjects' development of hatred toward college students, near-absent landlords, shoddy 'renovations', and that dude who lives in my basement. Looking forward to the Davis Square Effect.

Star Wars -- I am actually looking forward to Episode III, however I hope the positive buzz is just not the result of lowered expectations being exceeded. There is a great, honest review on Ain't It Cool for those of you who don't care about minor spoilers. This is kind of a sad time in film-dom now that this trilogy has come to an end. Lord of the Rings geeks might argue with me, but Star Wars is the film series to end all film series and it's always bittersweet when something like this ends. Part of me doesn't want Lucas to touch the series ever again, but part of me wouldn't mind seeing more (the rumored episodes VII-IX). This is obviously a topic for another geek-themed column.

That's it for now... the countdown for lunch has begun, soon to be followed by the countdown to 5pm.


Blogger Coolhand complained...

Very good review from Dumont. I liked her take on it...but dude, we have to see another star wars trilogy. If Bond can have 20 of them, I would like to see Lucas do a few more. We're at the point where an intellectual property can take on multiple iterations - books, comics, video games, etc - but SW works best as a film media. Pretty soon, with the decreasing scale of digital movie making, he could make one for less than $100 million and easily make that back in a year of movie viewing and dvd purchasing.

5/11/2005 11:13 AM
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