CVS Annoys Me.

Even buying something simple like a pack of gum or a notebook is now a near-tedious affair thanks to CVS. As many of you who shop for consumables are aware, store 'savings' cards are all the rage -- you check out, use your saving card and end up 'saving' a buck or two on your groceries each week while supermarkets and other stores track your buying habits, sell your contact information and provide you coupons for products you probably won't ever buy.

Though I haven't received unwanted harassment thanks to giving away all my information to save a few dollars a month, CVS has certainly made it a minor pain to shop there. Upon checkout at CVS, you will be asked whether or not you have a savings card. If you DO have a card, you have to go through the hassle of ripping it out of your wallet (since it's really clunky plastic that sticks to everything). If you DON'T have a card, you have to explain why you don't want it when the cashier tells you all the benefits of the card (selling of your contact information, useless coupons, etc.). Either way, it makes buying a soda a real hassle.

Don't get me started on CVS's policy of giving you a receipt for every purchase you make, regardless of size. Why aren't there more Walgreens?


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