John Roberts: One Sneaky SOB

I'm loving the John Roberts Hearings Saga. This dude is just making a killing. Soon-to-be-Chief-Justice Roberts is using the Constitution of the United States of America to do all the answering which is exactly what he should be doing. He has totally baffled Democrats with his smooth responses, referring to the constitutionality of certain laws and precedents that certain court rulings have created. All those 'controversial' memos he wrote while working for the Reagan administration? They're only the memos of a "person who respects the law". Brilliant.

George Bush might be an idiot, but every now and then he makes some good picks, like the guy in a fantasy football league who has no idea what he's doing, but can make sense out of a simple ranking of running backs.

Hey, remember John Bolton? Yeah, haven't heard a lot out of the UN lately. Maybe that's because he's acutally doing his job. Thanks, Dems, for making me think he would make it absolutely impossible for the US and the UN to work together.

I'm a registered Democrat and I'm embarrased for my party.


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