Didn't post the last couple of days... a combination of nothing too interesting happening and me being busy.

Yesterday I visited the set of Stiffs, a movie being shot in Boston. I was there to meet the Ciota brothers (one the writer, one the diretor) to discuss designing a website for the movie and other communication-related items, but things were so hectic, not much got done.

I've known the Ciotas since I was a sophomore at BU and helped them with pre-production office work, as well as post-production publicity for their last movie, Ciao America. Fellas, after you get your date all worked up with an episode of 24, rent Ciao America for her and thank me in the morning.

This was my first experience with a feature film shoot. The location was Joe Tecce's restaurant in the North End for an all-day shoot. It was pretty incredible, actually. There must have been about 150 cast and crew members there. The professional short films I've worked on have had crews of about 25-35. The student-films I worked on had crews of about 3-4. The budget for the movie is probably around $5 million, so I can't imagine how many people would be there for a big, Hollywood-type production. Most of the film's featured actors were there -- I saw Danny Aiello and Jon Polito (featured in several Coen Brothers films and probably most famously known as the Beatle-driving gumshoe in The Big Lebowski).

From this brief visit to a film set, my feelings on a life in film or television are mixed. When you start at the bottom, you are at the bottom. Up at the crack of dawn, poor pay, no benefits, and on the go for 12-14-16 hours a day. Did I mention last in line at the catering table? Don't get me started on union rules.

I hope that I can get back on the set a few more times under the guise of "web designer/writer doing research." For now, I need to get a final draft of the script, think of an interesting theme to apply to the website so it becomes more than an electronic lobby card, and work on finding a "real" job.


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Hey. I know Frank and Joe Ciota. They are two wonderful guys. I was at the premier of Ciao America. It was a very sweet movie.
I can't wait to see the new one they're working on!

2/05/2006 7:14 PM
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