HBO is Burning

I caught the premier of HBO's new Rome epic miniseries on Sunday. It didn't catch me from the get-go, but can say the same for Deadwood and I was more than an addicted viewer by the third installment. I'll give Rome a couple more chances, but I'm more than happy to reclaim my Sunday nights for a few weeks before football and Arrested Development start.


Blogger Rebecca complained...

I was hooked on Deadwood from the first episode; I'm all set with Rome.

8/30/2005 6:22 PM
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Blogger Coolhand complained...

Post a new entry. Woooo!

9/16/2005 4:20 PM
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Blogger blaze complained...

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10/20/2005 12:30 AM
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Blogger De Post Man complained...

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RIP Six Feet Under

Some of you didn't like it because of the morbidity surrounding a series set in a funeral home. Some of you didn't like feeling like your emotions went through the wringer after every episode. Some of you stopped watching it after season four went a little off-track. Some of you just didn't have HBO.

Well, it's been three days since I saw the finale and I'm here to tell you: the last four episdoes were more than worth all the joy, angst, sorrow, laughter and depression that Six Feet Under has caused over the years.

I won't wax poetic over the whole thing; how about skipping the latest Will & Grace and renting the DVDs instead?


Blogger Wines & Vines complained...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Six Feet Under. I actually have two rants dedicated to it at my personal Blog (http://supergoddessgirl.blogspot.com) I had season 4 on DVD and would watch an episode a night; well, the whole Nate/Lisa thing had me riveted, I watched til 2am - it consumed me! I couldn't wait to find out what happened. I laughed, I cried... and I'm not exactly sure why the critics panned Season 5, I really thought it was done so well. So very sad to see these quirky but very real characters go. Two thumbs up to HBO for having the guts to have sponsored a show that was truly unique and "out of the box"....

8/26/2005 9:10 PM
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I Got a New Job

As of September 1st, I'll be working for a new employer, having finally shed the shackles of academia. It looks like interesting work that's different from what I'm doing now, plus better pay, similar benefits, and an easier commute. I'm not the one to send mass emails announcing my life events, so if you're reading this, consider yourself politely informed.


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Breaking up is Hard to Do

Ever been in a relationship in which you're not trying to hard, while your significant other is trying too much? The time comes that you want to end it, but you don't want to hurt their feelings. Not sure what to do? Take it from me -- apply for a few credit cards and then practice your 'break up' talk as you try to cancel your accounts.

Today I was sick at home from work and I decided to stay productive by consolidating some credit and canceling a few cards (three to be exact). Going in, I knew it was going to be heartwrenching. There of course would be the promises of change (while your soon-to-be-ex might promise to be more attentive to your needs, apply more deodorant, or maybe even learn to like professional wrestling, I'm listening to assurances of a lower APR and cash-back rewards).

Luckily there was no crying. I expected a lot of resistance, but was pleasantly surprised to find an automated cancellation service at Circuit City Visa and only a few questions asked at Chase. Discover, on the other hand, was about to offer me financing on a mortgage if I would only stay with them. I held strong, though, and now I'm only thousands of dollars in depth on a couple credit cards.

Capitalism rules!


Blogger Coolhand complained...

Good for you. I erroneously opened up a card with First bank, thinking it was an application for the mbna card i just opened. now, just trying to cancel the $250 limit card's a pain in the ass. i never used it!

8/17/2005 8:24 AM
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Anonymous rebecca complained...

eeew. if "applying more deoderant" was even an option, I'm thinking you're SO much better off without!

8/26/2005 9:12 PM
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Anonymous Anonymous complained...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10/09/2005 10:35 PM
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Threat of Limited Daylight Savings Greater than Threat of Terrorism

That's my attempt at an Onion-style headline.

I'm not a political guy. In fact, I hate the partisanship and the whining on both sides; but this daylight savings time extension on the new energy bill is ridiculous. Thank God there's going to be more daylight in the evening and less in the mornings in March. I love going to work when it's dark out, and I really look forward to having more daylight when I leave work -- there's nothing I anticipate more than a nice, daylight stroll in the frozen-rain hell of March in New England.

This is obviously a cleverly disguised anti-Massachusetts bill formed by Republicans.

Congress claims this measure will save 1% on energy costs. I sure hope that the rising price of oil can keep up.


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Someone is Riding the T on My Dime

I lost my August subway pass somewhere between Kendall and my house during the Friday rush-hour/deluge (though suprisingly it looked like it did not rain at all in Somerville -- proof that it's just better on that side of the river). It's a terrible feeling, though, having pretty much lost $44. My only hope is to find someone on Craigslist that wants to get rid of their pass for some reason at a reasonable price.


Blogger Coolhand complained...

Yeah about that...

I needed some "hamburger money." So I took your pass. OMG, I'm sorry.

8/09/2005 9:19 PM
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A Quick One...

I was listening to a Who-themed broadcast of Little Steven's Underground Garage and thought back to one of the greatest performances of a rock song ever -- The Who performing 'A Quick One, While He's Away' as part of The Rolling Stones' Rock and Roll Circus. This performance is just brimming with the raw energy of the Who and all the rebeliousness and hair and sweat and 'fuck you, we're Brits'-ness just comes leaping off the screen. Rumor has it that the Stones were so ashamed by their own lackluster performances of the evening in comparison to The Who's one song, that they shelved the movie for nearly 30 years.


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An argument could be made that your entire adult personality is in large-part formed by the music you listened to as a teenager. Many of you know me as a classic rock nut and devotee and I have one radio station and a couple hundred albums bought as a consequence of listening to that station to thank.

My introduction to classic rock came sometime in middle school as I was riding back from a soccer game with my dad driving and old middle school pals Lino and Ralph turning the dial in the car to WZLX. From then on I was hooked on musical styling from the Who and Led Zeppelin to David Bowie and the Eagles -- and a lot in between. Controversial Charles Laquidara's Big Mattress (and later, Radio Hour) morning program was a pleasure to listen to while getting ready for school. Sports by Tank and a daily horoscope of moonsigns by the Cosmic Biscuit got me prepped for my day. The velvet-toned voice of George Taylor Morris in the afternoon led perfectly to the evening show with the young Chuck Nowlin. The extremely odd 'Reverend' Al Cole would take over for the 'overnight' and it would all start over again at 5am.

And it wasn't just the on-air talent that made the station so great. One night, ZLX broadcast the entire Quadrophenia album by the Who -- something probably not done since it originally came out. Other nights would be dedicated to live broadcasts of Rolling Stones or other bands. The station boasted one of the largest music libraries in New England once took its 'no-repeat-day' policy to the length of a 'no-repeat-week'. They even played the entire Beatles catalog alphabetically over a weekend. Besides just playing the hits, WZLX actually tried to challenge its listeners by playing all sorts of classic rock music including b-sides, rare live recordings and interesting cover versions. Listening to this diverse range of music caused me to buy some of the best albums I've ever heard like the Who's Quadrophenia, Bowie's Hunky Dory, the Stones' Let it Bleed and Sticky Fingers -- all desert island discs. Unfortunately those days are long over.

Program managers have been replaced, corporations have merged, and the station that 'featured' classic rock is now just a shadow of its former self, reduced to simply 'playing' classic rock. If I have to listen to one more of the same five Lynyrd Skynryd songs one more time, I'll have to smash my radio. The same goes for the Allman Brothers, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, George Harrison, Bob Seger, Fleetwood Mac, the Pretenders, Elton John... in fact, I've just about heard the same five songs from every artist in their 'largest music library in New England.' It's sad because some of you could look at the names I've listed and say 'those guys suck!' and be totally wrong because you've been fed the same song your entire lives.

Before Stevie Nicks was a household name, a Nicks-less Fleetwood Mac had released over a dozen albums with roots in both British blues and psychedelia! AC|DC has had two lead singers! Bands and artists like George Harrison, the Velvet Underground, the Clash, and Jackson Browne recorded more than just the one song that's constantly played! Elvis Costello, MC5, the Ramones, King Crimson, and Canned Heat are more than just names from the past -- they actually recorded music that could be played on a classic rock format station!

It only took 12 years to come to this conclusion.

I understand that there's an economic line that needs to be drawn between what people want to hear and what a radio station would like to play, but I find it hard to believe that Jimmy from Walpole wants to hear Brass in Pocket for a seventh day in a row. But it lately it's just been sucking so much.

There is a point to all this.

Don't let the corporations take over! Go out there and support the little guy! Promote diversity and choice! Listen to Little Steven and get angry! Drink some locally brewed beer that will make you fat! Go to a concert at one of the local stages and see four bands for less than 10 dollars! Just don't allow yourself to be force-fed the same thing day-after-day. That's what rock and roll from the 60s and 70s tried to preach to people -- seek out what's different; rebel; don't let THEM tell you what to do. I was lucky enough that WZLX got that message across before succumbing to modern times.


Anonymous Janet complained...

And before ZLX was BCN, where I thought that I'd be listening to Charles and the Big Mattress forever. God, I miss him, and I miss radio as it was. I feel bad for kids today, they'll never know the joy of a DJ playing a song that he or she loves ... and along the way, shaping the musical tastes of his or her listeners.

And Daryl Martinie, the Cosmic Muffin! TOTALLY miss him!!!

8/04/2005 10:28 PM
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I'm not prone to weary gaudy styles or garrish accessories, but I have no problem walking down the street with a plastic cup of whipped cream-topped iced coffee that's the size of my head from Dunkin' Donuts.


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Something 'bout the South

I was watching Mississippi Burning last night and it dawned on me that I really dig films that take place in the backwoods South. Granted, the only two movies I've seen based in the South are Mississippi Burning and The Apostle (both in the last year); it's just something about that slow camera pan and slow zoom, the ambient sound of crickets and ciccadas, the heat and the humidity and the slow burn of the plot that seem to leap out from the TV screen.


Blogger Coolhand complained...

tell me you aren't seeing dukes of hazard.

8/05/2005 6:57 AM
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Blogger Carl complained...

Films more like Sling Blade than The Dukes of Hazard.

8/05/2005 10:40 AM
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