RIP Theo

Thought I'd weigh in on the Theo Epstein tragedy...

What's that? He's not dead? All the newspaper columns have made it sound like the Pope died all over again.

Theo Epstein was a great GM who's impact on the Red Sox was in the same vein of the impact that Curt Schilling and Keith Foulke had on the Red Sox in 2004. 90% of the pieces were in place for championship and Theo (in the front office) and Curt/Keith (on the field) were that 10% the Red Sox were looking for.

Oh, and the Red Sox have not made a single off-season action or played a single game since the Theo apocalypse.... so it's only natural that everyone thinks the 2006 season has gone down the toilet.

If anything, I hope these series of events shed a little more light on the obvious conflict of interest that is growing between the Boston Globe and the Boston Red Sox. The New York Times, which owns the Globe is also a part-owner of the Red Sox. How is it possible that the Globe can be impartial and objective to another business unit in its organization. The whole story blew up in its face when Dan Shaughnessy reported that Theo had decided to stay.

The Sox also own their own television station and are in bed with the second-most popular AM station in Boston. Who's the gatekeeper of information now? We're getting down to "unethical" territory when it comes to sports news in this town and who controls it. It not only hurts other media players, but also other sports franchises that want a piece of the cake.


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