Checking off Items

What's the rule with capitalizing prepositions in a title? In the above title, "off" looks kind of funny with a lowercase "o". The Globe only capitalizes the first word of every headline. The Times, which owns the Globe, capitalizes its headlines (except for prepositions).

Here on The Angry Young Bostonian, we will follow the example of the Times. Now, down to business:

Despite being unemployed, I've been busy. Time to check off some items on my to-do list:

Find a job. (CHECK MINUS: No job, but the resume is getting all polished and shiny. I expect HR people to come knocking sometime next week).

Write for the blog every day. (CHECK: Missed a couple days, but I feel good about it)

Maintain a clean apartment. If I'm going to spend most of my time here, I need a clean environment in which to contemplate life. (CHECK PLUS: All rooms have been vacuumed except the bathroom. That's a group project).

Eat lunch at Galleria Umberto at least once. (CHECK. Best lunch in Boston.)

Walk on the treadmill two out of every three days. (CHECK)

Finish putting all my CDs on my computer (for those of you know my CD collection, you know how monumental this is). (CHECK MINUS: I'm running out of room on my hard disk and it doesn't look good. Plus, ripping CDs conflicts with me using the computer for other activities.

Finish watching season four of The Shield on DVD so I can begin watching season five as it airs on TV. (CHECK PLUS: If you haven't seen this series, rent season one today.)

One week out of work and I've gotten things done. Most of it has been spent on job-related activities, but I like to keep a check on all those little activities that make me feel like I'm getting things done.


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